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Baby and Bridal Registries

11.29.2009 | 0 Comments

Expecting a new child or celebrating a wedding is an inspiring experience and definitely reason to celebrate.  If you started shopping around you have probably noticed that  having a baby or turning a house into a home can be a costly expense.  There are going to be lots of people in your life that will want to buy gifts to help you prepare for your new addition and upcoming union. Why not create a baby or bridal registry to send out to family and friends?  Registries are a great way to let those who care about you and want to contribute, an easy process for gifting what you really need and want! 

Here is how we can help make your registry easy and fun at the same time.  First, we start off by going over all your needs; for a baby registry we can help you choose the right crib, rocker, stroller, blankets, etc.  or for those newlyweds a master bedroom suite, living and dining room furniture and accessories.  We then create a one of a kind registry presentation to send out to only those family and friends you choose.   

Once your registry is active those who wish to purchase an item can do so in several different ways, in order make buying a gift even easier.  For six months following your event date, we offer a 10% discount on purchases of any remaining items on your registry. Your registry will also stay on file for one year after your event date.  You will also keep a detailed copy in case you would like to order the same item in the future.

Contact me to get started, ALF’s Baby & Bridal Registry is designed to make choosing your gift preferences easy, convenient and exciting! 



Great Ideas for Holiday Gifts

11.14.2009 | 0 Comments

It is that time of year again…you know the HOLIDAYS!  Although this is supposed to be a time to give thanks for the many blessings we have and enjoy the time with family and friends, it sometimes can turn into a very stressful & overwhelming series of events.  That is why I am going to give you something to relax about.  Most of you already know that we carry more than just furniture.  That’s right, we also have several great lines  that will make wonderful and thoughtful gifts during the holiday season.  Here are a few ideas to get your imagination going:
  • Melissa & Doug wooden toys (non-toxic, educational & fun).  There is also a wide selection of Plush toys to choose from.
  • New born outfits.  What parent wouldn’t want their new baby in an adorable coming home outfit?
  • Baby monitors and tyke lights by MobiCam.
  • My Blankee velour blankets are available in different sizes and patterns…for a newborn to a toddler you can’t go wrong. Who doesn’t like to snuggle up to a cozy blanket?
  • Baby Sling…I have several myself. This is a must in my humble opinion!  Not only does it keep baby close to mom but it frees up her hands to other things, like eat! So many different options you can get one to go with any outfit.
  • Baby bags, great for a new mommy to be! Fill it with any of the above items or just give it by itself.  Either way it makes a much needed gift.
  • Mother’s Heart charm bracelet.  How thoughtful is this?


These are just a couple of ideas that can be modified to fit any budget.  If you would like more information or view more options contact me right away in order to have the gift here by Christmas.