WEE Rock!

12.19.2012 | Feature, Inside The Studio

I am always on the lookout for pieces to share and look what I found right here in our own backyard while at a farmers market!

Wee Rock Toy Co. is based in Miami and was founded by recent graduates of the University of Miami School of Architecture, Michael Galea and Catherine O’Sullivan. 

I have always loved rocking horses and when I saw these pieces I immediately was drawn to them (and so was my daughter)! 

My family and I met Catherine as my daughter ran up to the pieces and sat in all of them and began to rock…I noticed how well they were made and designed right away.  Being a furniture & Interior Designer myself, I kept raving to my husband the entire time about how much I loved them and of coarse let Catherine know just how much as well.  I was also reminded of myself when I first had the dream of opening my own design boutique with solid wood furniture pieces that could be used for generations to come.  As we spoke a little I noticed that same little gleam in her eye of how proud she was of the product her and  Michael had designed.  Several days later I spoke to Michael and you could just hear the enthusiasm in his voice.  This find is just to good not to share!!!

A modern interpretation of the classic rocking horse.  This rocking toy is made with sustainably harvested FSC certified bamboo plywood and then finished with a food-grade butcher block conditioner.  Its six parts are shipped to you flat-packed and are assembled with no tools, no glue and no hardware.  This toy is the perfect gift for your child or any parents-to-be in your life.  The greatest care has been taken to deliver to you a product made with materials that are beautiful, chemical-free and 100% natural. Every Wee Rock Toy is cut, finished and packaged in the United States. 

There are just a few days left until Christmas…if you haven’t been able to find an original present for that new baby or toddler in your life, look no further!  Any of these “animals” will make a great little furniture piece in a nursery, playroom or even a little corner in your house.   Not only are they beautiful but they have definite heirloom quality that can be handed down with its own seal right on the wood.  If you want Christmas delivery please contact us ASAP!  Any of them can also be added to your baby registry!

Dimensions: 33″ long, 13″ wide, 13″ seat height. 

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Posted by: Emily

Emily A. Alfonso, IIDA is a licensed Interior Designer with the Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design and founder of American Living Furniture