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This Christmas, give the gift of work!

12.14.2010 | 0 Comments

Although we can get lost during the holiday season…buying gifts, spending time at the mall, getting into dept, wrapping gifts, etc. it becomes very easy to forget what Christmas is all about.  I want to share with you a project, by an organization that I had the honor and privilege to contribute some time (on a TINY scale!), that is making a difference in the lives of so many people in Haiti.  Below is a just a small blur off of their web-site.  Please log on to their link to continue reading on  how they are not just “donating” items but how they are empowering the people of Haiti to work and provide for their own families, giving them a sense of self-worth.

“While many organizations address disasters and crisis from the outside-in or top-down, the Paulos Group takes the inside-out, bottom-up approach; living directly among those who are suffering, learning their language and values, understanding their needs, and working together toward solutions that make sense. We call this incarnational living, and we believe it’s the only way foreign help makes a lasting impact. Why? Because when we live in a place like Haiti (not walled in a compound or as a commuter), in very real ways “their” problems become our problems too. They’re not just something we see in the news, they directly affect our families—our children. Being fully invested, we have the greatest incentive to work hard toward change. We’re not contracted workers that get paid large sums of money to move from crisis to crisis when the former is no longer fashionable, we’re committed to the long-term investment Haiti needs to emerge from the ruins.”…

Here are some pictures of the detail I was asked to help design on their very first building. 

Nursery for Florida Design Magazine

9.15.2009 | 0 Comments

Emily created this “Safari Princess Room”  for Florida Design’s Laury Ellen Conklin and her new beautiful baby Marina Rose at the 2007 Spring Home Show.

“I wanted to create a pink Safari room that was sophisticated and elegant but whimsical at the same time.  This is a room that both Mommy and baby can grow into. 

The Venetian iron crib comes complete with so many options that you can use it for four different children and it will look different every time.  It can also change to a beautiful toddler bed for Marina as she gets older.  The custom bedding named after the newborn baby girl in whose honor this room was designed for, only complements the burnished gold iron work.

The custom three-piece unit is a tasteful solution for baby.  It boast with character, as each piece is handmade out of solid wood.  The removable top is ideal for all those dirty diaper changes and is detached from the dresser below once your little one no longer requires it.  The two side towers are great for all of those books and keeping small toys out of site. 

The chaise is just perfect for all those midnight feedings or just to nap, just the right size to fit in small spaces.  Available in tons of colors and the unique slipcover system allows you to change your cover whenever you feel like like trying something new. 

My favorite! These chandeliers give just the right finishing touch…perfect for a little princess.

Laury was so wonderful to work with as was her new little princess!  This room is definitely a tranquil room, surrounded with beautiful artwork and made me want to be a kid again.”